Douglas – Firefighters were quick to respond to a fire at the Scott Stewart farm on the Barr Line in Admaston/Bromley Township shortly after the noon hour last Wednesday, Feb. 22 in which the contents of a pole shed housing an outdoor furnace were destroyed in the blaze.

Douglas Fire Chief Bill McHale said he at first believed the cause of the fire was connected to the outdoor furnace located inside the metal building, but after a closer look he now believes it could very well have been caused by a battery that was being charged.

The fire caused damage to the outdoor furnace and it will have to be replaced, Chief McHale said, adding other items lost included firewood, vehicle tires, a riding lawnmower and other outdoor equipment.

“But nobody was hurt and that is a good thing,” he said.

Mr. Stewart, who was inside the nearby residence at the time,  was alerted to the fire by a driver with Purolator. Other nearby buildings were not threatened due to the quick response of firefighters.

Firefighters hauled water to the farm from Douglas. They spent the afternoon extinguishing hot spots and finished at about 5:30. Mr. Stewart and his brother, Brent, have an extensive beef operation on several hundred acres on the Barr Line.