Big Screen Movie Party a big hit in Killaloe

Saturday’s Hallowe’en Big Screen Movie Party hosted by the Killaloe BIA drew over 100 youth who participated in numerous contests like the dance contest seen here.

Killaloe – Station Park was abuzz with laughter, dancing, smiles and people of all ages genuinely enjoying themselves on Saturday as the Killaloe BIA (Business In Action) group hosted their Halowe’en themed Big Screen Dance Party.

Chris Neff, community development co-ordinator in Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards (KHR) Township, spearheaded the formation of the BIA some months ago and he told the Leader Monday how excited he was to see the community respond so well to the group’s event on Saturday.

“Honestly, it was magical,” he remarked. “It was so amazing to see all the kids and families dressed up for Hallowe’en.

“We had such a good crowd and just seeing the community out anytime like that is really special,” he added. “The volunteers from the Killaloe BIA came together and it just worked like clockwork all day. They decorated the whole park and everything just went so smoothly because everyone was working together.”

He said it was great to see how excited the kids were, noting it ranks as the number one event he has been involved with since joining the KHR staff in May 2020.

“It was just awesome to be a part of and I’m really grateful that everyone came out and supported the Killaloe BIA,” he said.      

The event included a dance party, costume contest, pumpkin carving contest, and an outdoor movie on a big screen to cap it off. Mr. Neff said approximately 125 kids were registered and he believes at any given time there was in excess of 75 to 80 people there.

The fact there were so many elaborate costumes really did not surprise him.

“You can always count on KHR to have a lot of spirit. That’s what I love about this place, they put a lot of effort into things.

“The costumes were really cool, and you could see them in the dance contest, just giving it their all,” he added. “They’re up there having a blast just being kids and the families were getting into it too.” 

He admitted being unsure if the great turnout was because COVID has deprived people of so many things, but whatever the reason, the event couldn’t have been more perfect.

The winner of the dance contest was “The Flash,” portrayed by five-year-old Victor Ghimbeau of Barry’s Bay. The costume contest was won by “Cousin IT” of the Addams family, portrayed by Ava Everson, 10, also of Barry’s Bay. The pumpkin carving contest was won by Penny Bowles of Killaloe.