Eganville – The Eganville Figure Skating Club completed another verry successful year last Friday night when children enrolled in the program staged a year-end ice program and finished off the evening with the presentation of awards.

Many skaters were singled out for their individual achievements throughout the year, starting with the Busy Bee award. Recipients of this award must have started the season in PreCanSkate or CanSkate Stage 1. They must be courteous and respectful on the ice towards other skaters, program assistants and coaches. They must also have embraced the spirit of CanSkate with a willingness to listen, learn and strive for their very best.

Two skaters are selected for this award each year. The recipients for 2022-23 are Hank Lubitz and Peyton Holly.

The CanSkate Champions award is given to a boy and girl who have demonstrated a keen desir5e to improve their skating through hard work, perseverance and determination. They must have been in CanSkate Stages 2-5, be good listeners, respectful both on and off the ice and take advantage of every learning opportunity.

This year’s recipients are Declan O’Grady and Polina Akulenko.

The CanSkater of the Year award is given to a skater who must be in stage 3-6 by the end of the season. They must demonstrate a marked improvement in their skating over the season, must strive to use every learning opportunity to improve and develop their skating skills. They must be respectful to coaches and assistants as well as other skaters and be a role model for other CanSkaters to look up to.

This year’s CanSkater award was presented to Aurora Spalding.

The Flying Camel Award goes to a skater in the future Star or StarSkate session who is keen and enthusiastic in their skating, and must be willing to challenge their skating skills in testing or competition opportunities. They must display a positive attitude and be supportive of others in the club.

Kennady Greer was presented with this year’s Flying Camel Award.

To be considered for the Competition Tiger Award, a skater must display enthusiasm and commitment to compete at their level. A skater must strive to improve both personally and athletically in their competition experiences and must display good character and sportsmanship in a competitive environment. The skater must also display grace under fire and utilize competitive experienced as motivation for personal growth and development.

Sophia Frew was chosen as this year’s recipient of the award.

The Good Sport Giraffe Award goes to a skater who has made a difference in the club for others; a skater who can accept their losses or disappointments with dignity and maturity, and someone who accepts both praise and criticism and all personal results both positive and negative as learning opportunities.

The recipient of this year’s Good Sport Giraffe was Katelyn Bakke.

Each year the club recognizes the skater who has accomplished the most tests passed from April to March. Noah MacMunn of Round Lake passed 11 Skate Canada tests and was presented with the Top Tester Award.

Merit Award

This award goes to skaters who may not have fit criteria for other awards or were close second place choices in the selection process. Three skaters were recognized for the Merit Award – Wesley MacDonald, Savannah Vanceeder and Lindy Hermans.

Bucky Beaver Awards were presented to three skaters: each one chosen by coaches Katie, Sara and mom Shari Kosowan. Katie’s choice was Charlotte Frew, saying not only is she eager to learn new things on the ice, but she’s always there to cheer up her friends.

Sara’s choice was Carley Greer, saying she is always trying to make you laugh with a new joke, and she is always offering advice to the coaches on how it might even be more fun.

Coach Shari’s choice was Lauren Hermans, saying she was always wanting to know how she could improve, wanting to know how she could do better next season, to pass a test for competition, always striving for more.

The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented with the Rita Barrett Award, in memory of a woman who dedicated many years of her life to the skating club and made sure it ran smoothly and efficiently.

“Rita was a true gen and the truest definition of a good-hearted volunteer,” Coach Shari said. ” When a job needed done, she was always willing to do it if it meant the kids had an even better experience on the ice.”

Jennifer Greer was chosen as this year’s recipient.

“Just like Rita would have loved to have seen, she could be found through the season helping with music, taking on costume prep, doing hair, helping tie skates and organizing decorations,” she said. “She is such an incredible help to our skaters and holds heart of ‘true Rita spirit’.”

The most coveted award is the Skater of the Year Award and the previous year’s recipient presented the award to the new recipient.

“It’s the award they hold in high regard not only because of what it means to achieve it, but also because the criteria for selection show the recipients have committed to not only improve their skating at all possible opportunities, they must display pride in their club and be supportive of their fellow skaters at all times.

“They must help enhance our club by volunteering both on and off the ice. They must be well rounded in all disciplines they can participate in. They are a mentor, a friend and a helper to all.”

The 2021-2022 recipient, Sara Kosawan presented the award to this year’s recipient, Noah MacMunn, who joined the club this season.

“This skater started the season not really knowing their place in the club but definitely claimed their spot,” she said. “Throughput the regular season we’ve watched the skater of the year show he really cares about the people in the club. This skater is always a team player on the ice. Not only does this skater help out and encourage skaters on our StarSkate session, but he also is a great help while volunteering on CanSkate.”