Exchange depot may be coming to a BV transfer site near you

Eganville – There is an old adage about the dump being the shopping mall in the community and this might just be true in Bonnechere Valley if an exchange depot is put in place at the waste transfer stations.

“The cost of everything has gone up so much and you have high quality goods that are brought to our dumps or just thrown out, so it makes sense for us to put in a process,” said Councillor Brent Patrick during a committee meeting of council last Tuesday afternoon.

Public Works Supervisor Jason Zohr said a tin shed at Ruby could be utilized at one of the high traffic spots as a location for goods to be stored in. His report had shown the Sand Road site is the busiest in the township.

Coun. Patrick said there are many times when people have decent quality items they want to get rid of and they just end up at the dump.

“I see it all the time especially when an apartment turns around or someone moves out,” he said. “You have all these goods and you end up taking it to the dump because it is easier but the thing is we have a spot which is no different than sorting electronics, metal.

“It makes sense because everything now is so expensive,” he said.

This could be a service the township could offer, he pointed out.

“It is a benefit to our township,” he said.

Mayor Jennifer Murphy agreed enthusiastically.

“Even something like a coffee table,” she said.

Locally people can take things to the clothing bank as well, because there is a lot more there than clothing, she said. People can donate glasses, lamps, China and other non-clothing items.

“But for oversized things or for things that maybe aren’t as in great condition, I might do that (take it to the dump for an exchange depot),” she said.

Coun. Patrick said there is a high need for re-using good quality items someone is throwing out.

“You don’t want it to go to the waste site; you rather someone else use it,” he said.

Things could be placed there and then the site attendants could clear it out every two weeks or so, he suggested.

“Then it is not an unorganised mess,” he said.

Coun. Patrick said he has seen a similar set-up in Cornwall.

“There is an exchange depot or take as you need depot in Bark Lake,” Councillor John Epps noted.

This works well as a place to pick up things which might be useful to someone, he said.

“You can get a piece of two by four or half a sheet of plywood. Something that is of no use to somebody,” he said.

“I think it used to be people would joke about the waste sites being like a little mall and of course with our legislation around waste sites we have come away from that,” said Mayor Murphy.

However, this might be a good way of letting people recycle and reuse items easily, she said.

“People are in need. Why wouldn’t we?” she questioned, noting this would keep some things out of the landfill which should not be going there.

Coun. Epps said some of the items could end up in the garbage but they could also be picked up by someone who has use for them.

“It saves taxpayers money,” he said.

“Less grinding for you Jason,” Coun. Patrick said.

Over 23,000 Visits to Waste sties in 2023

In his report, Mr. Zohr said there were over 23,000 visits to waste sites and transfer stations last year. There were 22,745 bags of garbage, the equivalent of 16,763 glass or can items, 16,772 paper/cardboard items, 1,577 metal items and 1,842 items of organics. As well there were 121 appliances dropped off.  At the Sno drifters waste site 483 free passes were turned in and the items going totaled 415,810 kilograms.

There were 22,933 visits to township waste transfer stations in 2023. As well there were 1,113 vehicles going to the Sno Drifters Waste Stie. Mr. Zohr provided council with a summary of the vehicle counts at each transfer station and the waste site.

“It is really incredible,” said the mayor. “Like, are there people from other municipalities going to our west sites? The numbers are staggering?”

Coun. Patrick pointed out 10,000 vehicles at Sand Road is a huge number of vehicles.

“It is set up in an easy way too,” he said, noting it makes it convenient for people.

The report showed Sand Road had the most visits, followed by McGrath Road with just over 4,000 visits, Ruby Road at over 3,000 visits, Lake Clear with over 3,000 visits and Highway 41 with around 2,500 visits.

Council agreed to look further into brining in the exchange depot for the municipality.