Miramichi Lodge Staff Member Tests Positive For COVID-19


Pembroke – An person employed at Miramichi Lodge in Pembroke, owned and operated by the County of Renfrew – City of Pembroke hastested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

County officials issued a release late today (Tuesday) that they were notified of the first case involving a County of Renfrew employee.  Laboratory testing was used to confirm this diagnosis. 

“Regretfully, we must announce that an employee of our long-term care home in Pembroke has tested positive for COVID-19,” County Warden Debbie Robinson said. “This individual is isolated at their home to prevent the spread of infection to others.”

Warden Robinson expressed best wishes for a rapid and full recovery.

“Every effort is being made by the county and local municipalities to protect the safety of residents of our Long-Term Care Homes, members of our staff and our community,” she said.

This individual has not been present in the County of Renfrew workplace for over a week. Residents and staff that were in contact with this individual are being notified and all appropriate measures are being taken to try and eliminate any potential spread of infection at the Home.

“After developing symptoms, the individual took the appropriate action and stayed home,” Director of Long-Term Care Shelley Sheedy stated. “The County of Renfrew will handle each case with the utmost respect to privacy, while also informing potentially affected residents and staff; while taking swift measures to mitigate spread of the virus. Please understand that out of respect for individual privacy, there are details about this case (or others moving forward) that we will not be able to share.”

The health and safety of the County of Renfrew’s workforce and its residents are a top priority for county council, according to the warden. She said it is paramount that every effort be made to keep all essential services operating so the county can continue to meet the needs of residents.