Round Lake-area home serves as location for horror movie

Ali Chappell, left, wrote, directed and starred in her first feature film, Malediction, shot in the Round Lake area this week. Her character, Codi, goes into isolation to help detoxify from her addiction, where she is haunted by a monstrous presence, as seen here. Ali is the niece of Joanne and the late Joe Murray.

Killaloe – A Toronto-area actor, filmmaker and model who has recently expanded her career into producing and directing has chosen a property in the Round Lake area as the location for her first feature film.

Ali Chappell is making her directorial debut in Malediction, a low-budget horror film she wrote and is also starring in.

She chose the location for the shoot because she is no stranger to the Valley, having spent many summers at the home of her aunt and uncle, Joanne and the late Joe ...

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