Eganville – A service of solemn remembrance for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was held on Monday, the day of her funeral, at Legion Branch 353.

“May the Queen rest in peace and we shall always remember her,” said Padre Ralph Weigold, the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Eganville.

He read a passage of scripture about love prior to his remarks. He said her long reign of 70 years was based on love.

“The love she had for her people,” he said. “The love she had for her nation. You could see this love flowing.”

The queen expressed love to whoever she met and in whatever country she was in, he said.

“The people returned the love, the love to her,” he said.

Watching the funeral procession, it was quite obvious to see the thousands upon thousands coming and standing for hours to watch her funeral procession pass by.

“It was their love flowing back to the queen,” he said.

In his prayer he thanked God for the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

“Comfort those we pray, who mourn, especially the Royal Family,” he prayed.

Legion President Walter Hobden said he was a teen when the Queen came to the throne. He said as a boy he remembered growing up during the reign of King George VI. Then Queen Elizabeth came to the throne 70 years ago in 1952.

“I’ve known nothing else,” he said.

“I thought she would always be there and now she is gone,” he said in an emotional voice. “May she rest in peace.”

The service, which included singing O Canada, concluded with singing “God Save The King.”

Mr. Hobden explained the Legion was having a service as advised by Legion Command. It was quite similar to a Remembrance Day service with the last post, by Stephan Grasmuck and a laying of a wreath by the portrait of the Queen, which was draped in black. He said there was very strict protocol.

“We were to drape her portrait and place a poppy on her left side,” he said.

Monday was a National Day of Mourning in Canada. The Queen’s funeral service at Westminster Abbey in London attracted dignitaries from across the world.