Calabogie Lions supporting three facilities with raffle


Tickets go on sale Friday for Catch the Ace raffle

Calabogie – Drawing on the success of online Catch the Ace fundraisers, the Calabogie Lions Club is undertaking a draw of its own to support wellness in the Valley.

The club has obtained a licence to operate a Catch the Ace raffle and three Ottawa Valley organizations with important wellness mandates will participate with the club as beneficiaries.

“We found ourselves re-evaluating the situation over the last year with COVID and looking forward, we didn’t think we would be able to continue with any of our previous fundraisers and so we had to start thinking outside of the box and looking for new ways to fundraise that allowed everyone to still stay at home, social distance and adhere to the lockdown,” Club President Tamatha Strachan said.

She noted the 33-member club felt the online raffle would be a great fundraiser for the club as it checked all of the COVID safety boxes.

Ms. Strachan said the club decided to support Hospice Renfrew, the Bernadette McCann House in Pembroke and Ronald MacDonald House in Ottawa because it has supported them with donations in the past.

“They are very special places to us all and we know just from talking to them they have had a very challenging year with COVID as well,” she said. “All of their fundraising has been significantly lowered, but yet the need for their services has been raised.

“So we decided we would like to shed light about that and we asked them to join us in this project.”

The Lions Club has engaged the services of Bump, a company that looks after the online presence of the draw and handles the sale of tickets and weekly draws.

“They generate a website for us,” she explained. “It’s an automatic generator that generates the winning ticket and it’s their software that pretty well runs the whole online raffle.”

The club is responsible for advertising and promoting the raffle and notifying the winner each week. Details from each draw will appear on the Lion’s Facebook page and website:

Ms. Strachan said the reason the club chose to use Bump was because of the success it is having with a progressive jackpot raffle currently underway for Sick Kids in Toronto.

“It’s been hugely successful,” she said. “I think it’s on week 23 and their progressive jackpot is at $900,000.”

The worst thing that could happen is for the Ace of Spades to be revealed early on in the draw, but if that happens the club is prepared to take out another licence and start over again. Club members also agreed to start the draw off with a guaranteed first week prize of $2,000, simply because it’s new and sometimes sales at the beginning of a raffle are not that high.

“We bumped that up with a little bit of club money to ensure we would have a more attractive prize for the first week,” she said.

The club did not set a goal for how much it would like to raise, Ms. Strachan said, adding they just hope it is a success.

“We know that any money we raise is going to be very much appreciated and greatly utilized with our beneficiaries. We don’t have any expectations because this is our first attempt at doing something like this.

“We are really hoping that the whole Ottawa Valley community is going to be behind us,” she remarked. “We really hope we will be able to help a lot of people with this raffle.”

The raffle officially kicks off at 12:01 Friday, May7. That’s when the website becomes active and tickets can be purchased. The process will be quite easy to follow and payment can be made by VISA or Mastercard.

Starting Friday, you can go to Winners will be announced every Thursday night at 6:15 o’clock on the website the club’s Facebook page.