Fireworks won’t change to suit Dinner on the Bridge

Eganville– A request to move the Canada Day fireworks to Sunday night to coordinate with Dinner on the Bridge did not go over well at Bonnechere Valley council.
“I think it is extremely unpatriotic to move Canada Day,” Mayor Jennifer Murphy said following a request to move the fireworks to June 30.
Councillor Brent Patrick passed on the request from the Eganville and Area Community Development Group (EACDG).
“They are hoping to host the Dinner on the Bridge on the 30th,” he explained. “They want to align the fireworks.”
Councillor Tim Schison said this would not work.
“We can’t play with Canada Day,” he said.
Coun. Patrick explained the Dinner on the Bridge would be held the Sunday night because it works better for people who would be heading home after the weekend Canada Day festivities.
“I’m disappointed because I like Dinner on the Bridge on Canada Day,” Mayor Murphy said.
Coun. Patrick said the closure of the bridge could be an issue, but the mayor pointed out the set up was not until 4 o’clock. The bridge is closed down for the event, but there is another bridge across the Bonnechere River in the village.
“Ask them to please do Dinner on the Bridge on the first,” Mayor Murphy said. “If they want to do it Sunday night, that is fine, but we are not doing the fireworks Sunday night.”
CAO Bryan Martin said if the dinner is held on Sunday staff will have to be paid overtime to come close the bridge. Staff are also paid overtime for working on Canada Day, he said.
Mayor Murphy said the Canada Day celebrations are something the area residents really look forward to.
“I get that it costs money, but there has to be icing on the cake,” she said.
The Dinner on the Bridge event is also very popular for locals and visitors, she added.
“People who come to Dinner on the Bridge are not always from here,” the mayor said.
Coun. Schison said it is important to celebrate Canada Day.
“I love Canada,” he said. “That is why I am here at the table.”
The Canada Day celebrations are important and the fireworks need to stay on that day, the mayor said.
“We have had to shut down so many other things like homecoming,” she added.
Dinner Will Go July 1st
EACDG president Gerald Tracey said the executive met with Mayor Murphy Thursday and after some discussion it was agreed the dinner would continue to be held on the evening of Canada Day.
As a group we had two concerns,” he said. “The first was holding the dinner on Monday night (Canada Day) and the next day being a work day for many people. But the event is over by 10:30 so hopefully people will still support it.”
He said that second concern was the increased volume of traffic through the village on Monday night, causing some inconvenience to motorists.
“Our first two dinners were held on Saturday and Sunday nights, respectively, and so the next day was a holiday and there was very little traffic both nights. But with Canada Day falling on a Monday this year, the next day is a work day so there will be increased traffic through the village as people return home,” he said.
Dinner on the Bridge is a major fundraiser for the EACDG. This year’s proceeds will be directed to the completion of McRae Lookout Park.