Gallant absent at all candidates meeting in Killaloe

The all candidates meeting in Killaloe on Saturday evening featuring nine of the declared candidates, minus the incumbent, Conservative candidate Cheryl Gallant. From left to right are David Ainsworth (PPC), Robert Cherrin (VCP) hidden, standing is Dan Criger (Ind.), Jonathan Davis (Ind.), Dheerendra (Ind.), Ruben Marini (Lib), Ian Pineau (Green) and Eileen Jones-Whyte (NDP).

Opponents, electorate criticize and chastize incumbent for no-show at first meeting of candidates

Killaloe -- The absence of incumbent Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MP Cheryl Gallant at the all candidates meeting on Saturday night was not only an undercurrent felt throughout the room for the entire...

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